1.  Watch and join in with "Andy's Wild Workouts" which can be found on CBeebies and YouTube


2. Make up your own game, think about rules and how to make it fair. What equipment will you need? Suggest that the children might want to try to write or draw some of the rules or make a score chart. 


3. Do a mini circuit training activity - star jumps, running on the spot, sit ups, etc and talk to the children about how exercise affects their bodies.  Can they feel their hearts beating faster? Do they feel hot? Are they feeling out of breath or thirsty?


4. Design your own football strip.  Cut out a paper t-shirt shape. Children can draw and colour and have a go at writing their name on the back.


5. Go to an open space (we are allowed now as long as we maintain a 2m distance!) Use your phone or a stopwatch to time your child running from one point to another.  See if they can beat their personal best. Repeat several times over the next 2 weeks.


6. Throwing and catching games.


7. Find 5 containers of different sizes and a small ball.  Decide together how many points each container is "worth".  Take turns to throw the ball and try to get it into one of the containers.  Help the children to keep score and add up the points total at the end

8. Hopscotch. If you have some chalk at home make a large hopscotch outside in your garden or an outside space. Encourage the children to hop, jump and balance. There are lots of numbers involved in this activity. Drawing the numbers, recognising them and counting.


9. Simon Says. Turn this into a physical activity by requesting them to do 5 jumps, 6 star jumps, hop on one leg etc. This game will also help with their listening and attention skills.


10. Make your own trophies or medals using paper, tissue paper, kitchen foil. We would love to see pictures of these.

St Giles Playgroup changes topics around every two weeks, with the topics planned out by the Staff Team to follow children's interests and incorporate all the different areas of learning.

We update parents on the topics here on the website, on the noticeboard at the setting.


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